Road To Paris 2024: India – Part 1

The 2024 Paris Olympics is about 13 months away. In another 13 months time, athletes will be in Paris to fight for coveted Olympic medals.

At the same point of time, there is around 12 months of qualification time left. So in this series, we look at the current qualification status of Indian athletes in various sports. We also look ahead to key qualification events scheduled in each sport.

We have divided 32 sports at Paris Olympics into a 4 part series. Here is Part-1.

Aquatics: Aquactics sports consists of 5 sub-sports.

Artistic Swimming: There will be 2 qualification events: 2023 Asian Games & 2024 World Aquatics Championships. India does not have a realistic chance of getting a quota in this sport.

Diving: 3 qualification events are scheduled: 2023 World Aquatics Championships (July 2023), 2023 Asian Diving Cup (TBD), 2024 World Aquatics Championships (Feb 2024). India does not have a realistic chance of getting a quota in this sport.

Marathon Swimming: 2023 & 2024 World Aquatics Championships will give quotas in this event.

Swimming: The qualification period has started. Athletes can qualify by crossing the qualifying time standards at the 2023 and 2024 World Championships, continental championships, continental swimming meets, national championships and selection trials, and various international meets approved by World Aquatics in the period between 1 March 2023 and 23 June 2024. We can expect some Indian swimmers to achieve OQT & OCT times and qualify. Read Swimming qualification system here.

Water Polo: 3 qualification events coming up: 2023 World Aquatics Championships, 2023 Asian Games, 2024 World Aquatics Championships. India does not have a realistic chance of getting a quota in this sport.

Archery: The Archery qualification will start in a month’s time. Here are qualification events lined up: 2023 World Archery Championships (28 July – 6 August), 2023 Asian Games, 2023 Asian Archery Championships (Nov 23), Final Qualification tournament (Jun 24). India should expect archers to qualify across 5 events. Read Archery qualification system here.

Athletics: India already has 4 quotas secured in athletics for Paris Olympics (3 in Men’s 20km Walk, 1 in Women’s 20km walk). The qualification period for track & field events will start from 1st July. Athletes can achieve entry standards between 1st July 23 & 30th June 24. The relays qualification will happen at 2024 World Athletics relay. India can expect around 30 athletes (we had 26 athletes in Tokyo) to qualify across various events. Read Athletics qualification system here.

Badminton: The badminton qualification period has started. Athletes will qualify basis ranking points they accumulate between 1st May 2023 & 28th April 2024. Basis current form of players and ranking, following quotas should be secured by Indian players (Men’s Singles – 2, Women’s Singles – 1, Men’s Doubles – 1).
A lot of time still to go for qualification. Current Indian players in top 25 World ranking:

Men’s Singles: HS Prannoy (8), Lakshya (19), Srikanth (20)
Women’s Singles: PV Sindhu (12)
Men’s Doubles: Satwik/Chirag (3), Dhruv/Arjun (25)
Women’s Doubles: Tressa/Gayatri (16)

Read Badminton qualification system here

Basketball: There are 2 sub-sports: Basketball & 3X3 Basketball

Basketball: Indian Men’s basketball have their chance to qualify through qualification tournament. 8 teams will compete for 1 spot in Olympic qualification tournament. Asian Pre-Olympic qualification tournament will take place in August 2023. Indian team does not have a realsitic chance of qualfying even for the Olympic qualification tournament. Indian Women’s basketball team is already out of contention.

3X3 Basketball: Indian Men’s & Women’s team are ranked outside top 50 world ranking and hence not in a position to qualify even for Olympic qualification tournaments.

Read Basketball qualification system here.

Boxing: 3 qualification tournaments coming up: 2023 Asian Games, World Qualification Tournament 1 (Jan-Mar 24), World Qualification Tournament 2 (Apr-Jun 24). India qualified a record 9 boxers at Tokyo Olympics. Let us see how many make the cut at the 3 qualification events. Read Boxing qualification system here.

Breaking: 2 qualification tournaments coming up: 2023 Asian Games & Olympic Qualifier Series (Mar-Jun 24). Currently Indian break dancers are participating in tournaments to collect ranking points so that they become eligible for Olympic qualifier series. Breaking will debut as an Olympic sport in Paris.

Canoeing: In the Slalom events, 2 qualification tournaments are coming up: 2023 World Slalom Championships (19-24 Sept), 2023 Asian Slalom qualifiers (26-29 Oct). In the sprint events, 2 qualification tournaments will take place: 2023 World Sprint Championships (23-27 August), 2024 Asian Canoe Qualifiers (TBD). India does not have a realistic chance of getting a quota in this sport.

Stay tuned for Part 2 to 4 of this series.

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