Road to Paris 2024: Swimming

Let us have a look at how qualification will work in Swimming for Paris Olympics.

Swimming at 2024 Paris Olympics

There will be 35 medal events in Swimming at Paris Olympics. A total of 852 athletes will compete in swimming.

A nation can send a maximum of 26 male and 26 female swimmers. In terms of universality places, a nation can send a maximum of 1 male and 1 female swimmer.

Qualification Process:

Individual Qualification: The qualification process is based on swimmers achieving Olympic Qualification time (OQT). Athletes who clear OQT in the qualification period directly earn a quota (subject to maximum quotas per nations)

Relay Qualification: In each of the relay event, there will be a maximum of 16 teams. Out of these 16 quotas, 3 quotas are available to the highest ranked 3 teams at 2023 World FINA Championships. The next 13 quotas will be given to the top 13 teams at 2024 World Championships in Doha.

Once quotas are allocated to OQT qualifiers and Relay teams, individual quotas will be given to universality places. Then the remaining quotas will be allocated to highest ranked swimmers who have cleared Olympic Consideration Time (OCT).

FINA has kept OQT time as the time taken by 14th place swimmer in preliminary heats at Tokyo Olympics. For OCT time, they have increased OQT time by 0.5%.


1 March 2023 – 23 June 2024: Time period to achieve qualification time

2023 World FINA Championships, Japan – 14-30 July

2024 World FINA Championships, Doha – 2-18 February

Indian chances of qualification:

Currently no India swimmer has touched respective OQT times for any of the events. So for direct qualification, they will be have to improve their personal best performance.

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