Road To Paris 2024: India – Part 4

This is the fourth and final part of our Road To Paris series. You can check previous parts here:

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Surfing: Only 1 qualification event left for Surfing – 2024 World Surfing Games (Feb 2024). Quotas will also be given through rankings in 2023 World Surf League (Jan-Sept 2023). Indian surfers have a chance at quota only through universality place. For an Indian surfer to be eligible for a universality place consideration, they would have to finish in top 50 at 2023 or 2024 World Surfing Games.

Table Tennis: The Table Tennis qualification will kick-start in a few month’s time. Qualification events scheduled: 2023 Asian Championships (3-10 September), 2024 World Team Championships (Feb 2024), 2024 ITTF World Olympic Qualification tournament (March 2024), Singles Asian Qualification tournament (May 2024). Both Indian Men’s & Women’s team is ranked 15th. So as per ranking both of them should make it to Paris. However, it will depend on how they perform at 2024 World Team Championships. We can definitely expect some Indian athletes to secure quotas for Paris 2024. Read Table Tennis qualification system here.

Taekwondo: In Taekwondo, the Olympic ranking period will go till 3rd December, 2023. Post that, there will be one qualification tournament in March 2024 – Asian Qualifier. India does not have a realistic chance of securing a quota in this sport.

Tennis: In Tennis, the Gold medallist at 2023 Asian Games will secure a quota in Singles competition. Apart from this, quotas will be given as per World ranking on 10th June 2024. The best chance for India to get a quota is through Men’s Doubles. Current top ranked Indian athletes:
Men’s Singles: Sumit Nagal (223)
Women’s Singles: Anikta Raina (197)
Men’s Doubles: Rohan Bopanna (11) – Best chance for a quota
Women’s Doubles: Ankita Raina (150)
To have a chance of getting a quota in Singles, we need to have a player in World Top 75 ranking.
Read Tennis qualification system here.

Triathlon: Majority of the quotas through Olympic qualification rankings. Mixed Relay ranking time period is till 25 March, 2025 and individual ranking period is till 27 May, 2024. 2 qualification events are also scheduled: 2023 World Mixed Relay Championships (15-16 July 2023), 2024 Mixed Relay Olympic Qualifier (April 2024). India athletes are ranked outside World top 300. Hence, realistically no chance of a quota.

Volleyball: India is already out of contention for qualification in Volleyball. In Beach Volleyball, India will take part in the preliminary round of Asian Continental Cup in September. If India wins that competition, they will enter final round of Asia Cup where winner will get a quota for Paris Olympics. Realistically, India does not have a chance to get a quota in Volleyball.

Weightlifting: The qualification in Weightlifting is dependent on Olympic rankings. Following events are scheduled to get ranking points: 2023 World Championships (2-17 Sept), 2023 IWF Grand Prix 2 (2-12 Dec), 2024 Asian Championships (20-27 Feb), 2024 IWF World Cup (2-11 April).

Current ranking of Indian weightlifters:
Men’s 61 kg: Rishikanta (25), Men’s 73 kg: Ajith (31), Men’s 102+kg: Gurdeep (36)
Women’s 49 kg: Mirabai (2), Women’s 59 kg: Bindyarani (29)
Read Weightlifting qualification system here.

Wrestling: 3 events will give out quotas: 2023 World Championships (16-24 September 2023), 2024 Asian Qualifier (12-24 April), 2024 World Qualifier (9-12 May). India will look at achieving quotas in all weight categories. Read Wrestling qualification system here.

Hope you liked our 4 part series covering Indian athletes Road To Paris 2024 Olympics.

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