Road to Paris 2024: Wrestling

Let us look at the Paris 2024 qualification system for a Sport in which India has won a medal in each of the last 4 Olympics – Wrestling.

Wrestling at Paris 2024 Olympics!

Wrestling at Paris 2024 Olympics will be contested across 18 events – 6 in Men’s Greco-Roman, 6 in Men’s Freestyle and 6 in Women’s Wrestling.

Qualifying System for Wrestling

16 wrestlers will qualify in each of 18 Wrestling events. Each nation will be able to field a maximum of 1 wrestler per event.

Quotas will be given through 3 routes: 2023 World Championships, Continental qualification tournament and World qualification tournament.

2023 World Championships: 5 quotas in each weight category will be given at 2023 World Championships. All 4 medalists (Gold, Silver, Bronze & Bronze) will get a quota. The 5th quota will be given to the winner of the bout between wrestlers who lost Bronze medal match.

Continental Qualification Tournament: 2 quotas in each weight category will be given in respective Continental qualifiers: America, Asia, Africa/Oceania and Europe. The 2 highest placed wrestlers in each continental qualification tournament will get a quota.

World Qualification Tournament: 3 quotas in each weight category will be given at World Qualification Tournament. The 2 finalists in each weight category will earn a quota and the winner of the bout between two third placed wrestlers will earn a quota.

Once a nation wins a quota in a weight category, it cannot send a wrestler in the same weight category in subsequent qualification tournaments. Only 1 quota per nation per weight category is allowed.

Here is how the qualification timeline look for Indian Wrestlers:

2023 World Championship: 16-24 September

Asian Qualification Tournament: 12-14 April 2024

World Qualification Tournament: 9-12 May 2024

7 wrestlers went to Tokyo Olympics. Hoping more wrestlers qualify for the 2024 Olympics.

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