Road to Paris 2024: Weightlifting

Here is a look at how qualification for weightlifting will work for Paris 2024 Olympics…

Weightlifting at Paris 2024 Olympics

Weightlifting at Paris Olympics will take place across 10 weight categories -5 for Men and 5 for Women. IWF has combined its weight categories to create weight categories for Olympics.

Qualification System

In each of the 10 weight categories, there are only 12 quotas available. Unlike other similar sports where a nation can send 1 athlete per weight category, in weightlifting a nation can send a maximum total of 6 athletes only. Depending on qualification, a nation has to decide which 6 weight categories they will compete in.

The maximum number of weightlifters a nation can send also depends on the number of doping violations. In case of doping violations, maximum number of weightlifters that can qualify from a nation decreases from 6.

Qualification system will be based on Olympic Qualification ranking. Ranking points will be based on results in following events:

  1. 2022 IWF World Championship
  2. 2023 Continental Championship
  3. 2023 IWF Grand Prix 1
  4. 2023 IWF Grand Prix 2
  5. 2023 IWF World Championship
  6. 2024 Continental Championship
  7. 2024 IWF World Cup

The quotas are to be allocated keeping continental representation in mind. Each of the 5 continents need to be represented.

Qualification Timeline: 1 August 2022 – 28 April 2024

Only 1 weightlifter qualified for Tokyo Olympics from India. Hoping more weightlifters qualify for Paris 2024 Olympics.

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