Road to Paris 2024: Tennis

Here is a look at how Tennis players can qualify for the 2024 Olympics…

Tennis at Paris 2024 Olympics will be played at the iconic Roland Garros

Tennis at Paris 2024 Olympics

Tennis at 2024 will be played across events: Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles. A nation can send a maximum of 4 athletes in Single events, 2 teams per doubles event and a maximum of 1 team per Mixed doubles team. A maximum of 6 male and 6 female athletes can qualify from a nation.

Road to Paris 2024: Tennis

How will qualification work?

Singles Qualification: 56 quotas will be directly allocated to highest ranked athletes as on 10th June, 2024. 6 places are allocated by ITF based on continental qualification and previous Olympic Champion/Grand Slam Winner who has not directly qualified. 1 quota is available for Asian Games Winner provided that player’s ranking is in top 400 and that nation does not have a direct ranking quota.

Doubles Qualification: 32 teams will qualify in both Men’s and Women’s Doubles event. 1 quota is reserved for host nation. 31 quota places will be allocated based on following: Athletes ranked in top 10 as on 10th June 2024 get a direct entry. 14 quotas are then allocated based on highest combined ranked teams. Rest of the quotas are given based on combined ranking with singles priority.

Mixed Doubles Qualification: 16 teams qualify for Mixed Doubles event. Mixed Doubles team can only be formed by athletes who have directly qualified in either Single or Doubles event. Highest ranked 16 teams based on combined ranking will qualify.

As we move closer to the Paris 2024 Olympics, we will keep updating this post with Indian athletes likely to qualify.

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