Introducing World Table Tennis!

The World Table Tennis tour is set for a revamp from 2021. The current ITTF Tour is going to change from 2021.

So what is World Table Tennis?

World Table Tennis (WTT) will be the commercial and events company of the ITTF and will be catapulting table tennis to the forefront of global sports business.

So what will change in 2021?

  1. The prize money will be doubled.
  2. A Brand New Events Structure for Professional Tour is introduced
  3. Separate Women’s Events
  4. Enhanced TV production
Video Courtesy: World Table Tennis

The New Professional Tour:

The current Table Tennis Tour is divided into Platinum World Tour events, World Tour events and Challenger series events. The new structure will be as follows:

  1. Grand Smashes: There will be 4 Grand Smashes events in the year. The events will be the pinnacle of World Tour. It will be similar to how the Grand Slams are in Tennis. These will be 10 day events with a draw of 64 players.
  2. WTT Cup Finals: This will feature top 16 players including continental representation from the tour. This will be an annual event.
  3. WTT Champions: This will be the tier 1 of tour. 4 events each in Men’s and Women’s tour will take place in an year with a draw of 32 players. Only singles will be played in WTT Champions Events.
  4. WTT Contender Series: The contender series will be split into 2 tiers. Up to 20 events will take place in the contender series.

More details regarding the new event structure will be released in coming months.

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