The Sport of Track Cycling!

Let us have a look at the sport of Track Cycling.

Track Cycling is a sport not many Indians are familiar with. So let us find out more about this sport…

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The sport of Track Cycling is picking up in India as India‚Äôs youth team is shining in World Cycling events. It is a sport with which not a lot of people are familiar. So here is our small attempt at decoding the sport of Track Cycling…

Track Cycling is one of the type of cycling event. The sport of cycling at Olympics is contested in following categories: Track Cycling, Road Cycling, Mountain Bike and BMX (off-road cycling). The categorization is done depending on the type of track on which race takes place. Here, we look at only track cycling.

History: The sport of track cycling has been around since 1870. In the earlier days, indoor wooden tracks were made on which races used to be held. Today, track cycling happens in modern velodromes. Track Cycling has been an Olympic sport at all modern Olympic games except 1912.

There are various different types of events in Track Cycling. But if we are to classify these events, they can be classified into 2 types: Sprint races and Endurance races.

Sprint: Sprint races are generally 3 laps in length and the focus is on raw sprinting power and race tactics over a small number of laps to defeat opponents. The main sprint races are Sprint, Keirin, Team Sprint and Track Time trial.

Endurance: Endurance races are contested over long distances. Endurance races test riders endurance capacity, as well as tactics and speed. The length of track endurance events varies by race type. Endurance race types are Madison, Omnium, Individual Pursuit, Team Pursuit, Points race and scratch race.

It is pretty difficult for someone new to the sport to understand the different race types by just reading rules. So, it is better if you watch this video, to have a better understanding of these different races.

Track Cycling at Tokyo Olympics:

There will be 6 events of tracking cycling at Tokyo Olympics for both men and women.

  1. Sprint
  2. Team Sprint
  3. Keirin
  4. Team Pursuit
  5. Madison
  6. Omnium

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