Road to Paris 2024: Golf

Aditi Ashok captured the attention of Indian Sports fans when she finished 4th in Women’s Golf tournament at Tokyo Olympics. Let us have a look at the qualification system for Paris 2024 Olympics.

If you are trying to understand how the game of Golf works, here is short article explaining The Game of Golf.

Golf at Paris 2024 Olympics

Similar to Tokyo Olympics, there will 2 events in Golf at Paris 2024 Olympics – Men’s and Women’s tournament. The Paris 2024 Golf event will take place at the picturesque Le Golf National course.

60 athletes will qualify in both the Men’s and Women’s tournament.

Qualification System:

The qualification system in Golf is only based on Olympic Golf Rankings (OGR). Here is how quotas are allocated based on OGR:

A nation can send a maximum of 4 Golfers if those 4 Golfers are ranked in the Top-15. If golfers are ranked outside top-15, a nation can send a maximum of 2 golfers in each of the 2 events – Men’s and Women’s tournament. The quotas are allocated with following constraint: Each of the five (5) continents of the Olympic Movement will be guaranteed at least one (1) athlete in each of the women’s and men’s competitions respectively. Also the host country is allocated 1 quota in each of Men’s and Women’s tournament.

Quotas are allocated based on the Top-60 eligible players on the OGR list as on cut-off date.

Ranking cut-off deadline:

Men’s Ranking cut-off date: 17th June, 2024
Women’s Ranking cut-off date: 24th June, 2024

How OGR works?

Each Golf tournament earns a strength of field rating which determines how many ranking points will be awarded to top finishers. Points are awarded to athletes based on their finish positions in each event, with performances in stronger-field events earning more points in accordance with a points distribution schedule.

Ranking points for each player accumulate over a two-year “rolling” period with the points awarded in the most recent 13-week period weighted at 100% of their original value. After the initial 13-week period, the points are devalued by 1.1% for each of the next 91 weeks before they drop entirely off the athlete’s two-year record. Each athlete is then ranked according to his/her average number of points over the applicable two-year period, which is determined by dividing the total number of ranking points she/he has earned by the number of tournaments in which she/he has played during that period. There is a minimum divisor of 35 events for the women’s OGR over a two-year period. Whilst for the men’s OGR, there is a minimum divisor of 40 events and a maximum divisor of 52 events played over the rolling two-year period.

Since OGR is calculated over a 2 year rolling period, the qualification timeline for Golf will start from June 2022 and will end in June 2024.

Indian Golfers to look out for

At Tokyo 2021, 3 Indian Golfers qualified: Aditi Ashok, Diksha Dagar and Anirban Lahiri.

Here are the top ranked Golfers from India as on 9th April, 2022:

Men’s Ranking: Anirban Lahiri (89), Shubhankar Sharma (165), Yuvraj Sandhu (359)
Women’s Ranking: Aditi Ashok (111), Tvesa Malik (300), Diksha Dagar (436)

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