ICC World Test Championship 2023

The next cycle of World Test Championship will kick-off with the India-England series. India finished runner-up in the first ever edition of World Test Championship. Here is quick look at what to expect from the 2nd edition of World Test Championship.

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Which teams are participating?

9 teams will participate in the 2nd edition of Test Championship – India, Australia, England, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies.

Format of the Championship

Each team will play 6 series – 3 home and 3 away. The top 2 teams after the league stage will play the final in 2023. The timeline for 2nd World Test Championship is 4 August 2021 – 31 March 2023.

Points System

There has been a change in the points system from last edition. For this Championship cycle, each Test Match has same points on offer instead of a series. Each Test Match will be worth 12 points. Here is the points system for each test:

Win – 12 points, Tie – 6 points, Draw – 4 points, Loss – 0 points

In this edition as well, ranking will be based on percentage of contested points won. So, if a team plays 12 Tests during the cycle, it will be competing for 144 points (12*12). That team’s rank will depend on the % of points achieved out of 144. Each team is going to play different number of test matches over the next 2 years. Hence, to have a uniform points system, % of contested points will be taken into account for ranking.

Here are the number of test matches each team is scheduled to play over the next 2 years:

TeamHome MatchesAway MatchesTotal Test matches
South Africa7815
New Zealand6713
Sri Lanka6713
West Indies7613

Team India’s Schedule

Here is Indian Team’s schedule for 2023 World Test Championship..

Away Series: England v India (5 Tests) – August-September 2021

Home Series: India v New Zealand (2 Tests) – November-December 2021

Away Series: South Africa v India (3 Tests) – December 2021-January 2022

Home Series: India v Sri Lanka (3 Tests) – February-March 2022

Home Series: India v Australia (4 Tests) – October-November 2022

Away Series: Bangladesh v India (2 Tests) – November 2022

India will play for a total of 228 points.

Wishing the Indian team all the very best for this cycle of World Test Championship. May we have amazing test cricket over the next 2 years…

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