Asian Olympic Qualifier: Wrestling

The Asian Olympic qualifier in Wrestling is scheduled to take place in Almaty, Kazakhstan between 9th & 11th April. 2 quotas are going to be available in each weight category at the Asian qualifiers.

How many quotas India already has?

India has managed to already secure 4 quotas through the World Championship route. So, out of 18 weight categories (6 each in Women’s Wrestling, Greco-Roman & Men’s Freestyle), India has quota in 4 weight categories.

Here is a list of the quotas already secured:

Ravi Kumar Dahiya – 57 kg Men’s Freestyle

Bajrang Punia – 65 kg Men’s Freestyle

Deepak Punia – 86 kg Men’s Freestyle

Vinesh Phogat – 53 kg Women’s Wrestling

Out of 6 weight categories in Men’s freestyle, India has already achieved a quota in 3. In Women’s Wrestling, we have 1 quota and we are still to open account in Greco-Roman.

Road Ahead: Asian & World Qualifier

There are still 2 more qualification events to go in Wrestling. First up is the Asian qualifier in April and then the World Qualifiers in May. In both these events, 2 quotas per weight category is available. So, Indian wrestlers have a good chance to qualify.

Team India for the Asian Olympic Wrestling Qualifiers:

Men’s Freestyle:

74 kg – Sandeep Singh Mann

97 kg – Satywart Kadian

125 kg – Sumit

Greco-Roman Wrestling:

60 kg – Gyanender

67 kg – Ashu

77 kg – Gurpreet Singh

87 kg – Sunil Kumar

97 kg – Ravi

130 kg – Naveen

Women’s Wrestling:

50 kg – Seema

57 kg – Anshu Malik

62 kg – Sonam Malik

68 kg – Nisha Dahiya

76 kg – Pooja Sihag

Here is the schedule of the qualifiers:

9th April – Friday: Greco-Roman Wrestling

10th April – Saturday: Women’s Wrestling

11th April – Sunday: Men’s Freestyle

Where to watch?

Matches are live on

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