Road to Paris 2024: India – Part 2

Here is a look at the next 8 Sports and upcoming qualification events in them. You can look at Part - 1 of this series here. Cycling: There are 5 different of cycling events at Paris Olympics. BMX freestyle, BMX Racing, Mountain Biking, Road & Track Cycling. India has a chance to get its first... Continue Reading →

Road to Paris 2024: Fencing

C.A. Bhavani Devi became the 1st Indian fencer to qualify for Olympics at Tokyo 2020. Let us see how qualification will work for Fencing for Paris 2024.. Fencing at Paris 2024 Olympics Fencing at Paris 2024 Olympics will take place across 3 categories - Epee, Sabre and Foil. If you want learn about Sport of... Continue Reading →

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